The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, NY
Historic Site Information
The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is a 7,500 square foot facility whose mission is to collect, preserve and share the stories of America's Purple Heart recipients. Since 1932, approximately 1.7 million military personnel from all walks of life have earned the medal in service to the nation. Their stories are preserved and shared through exhibits, live and videotaped interviews with the veterans themselves and the Roll of Honor, an interactive computer data base preserving the stories of each individual. The Roll of Honor currently contains the names of over 175,000 Purple Heart recipients. The goal of the Hall of Honor is to develop as comprehensive a list of recipients as can be made. There is no other list and so this ongoing effort is an important and vital way to honor and commemorate those wounded or killed in service to our nation. Visitor’s are encouraged to view “For Military Merit”, an 18 minute video about the Badge of Military Merit and the Purple Heart.

The galleries present a timeline of America's wars and military conflicts in which Americans have been wounded and killed, while displays of objects, documents and photographs trace themes such as medical evacuation and treatment of the wounded on and off the battlefield.

Highlights of the collection include George Washington's Badge of Military Merit, as well as letters, photographs and other items that reflect the experience of being at war and being wounded.

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is co-located with the New Windsor Cantonment which was the last encampment of the Continental Army for 1782 - 1783, the final winter of the Revolutionary War.

If you are a Purple Heart recipient or know someone who is, you can make sure the story will be preserved by contacting the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor at 845-561-1765 to enroll in the Roll of Honor.

For enrollment information, and other questions please visit the Hall of Honor
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The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor's 7500 square foot facility offers visitors an incredible journey through military history, beginning with a visual timeline of America’s major conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries. The Main Gallery themes are anchored by a powerful sculpture of a wounded soldier being carried to safety by two comrades. Artifact cases highlight the changing nature of warfare, combatants and medical care. The theme “Every Purple Heart has a story to tell” is represented by personal story cases of recipients as well as by the stories told in other themed displays. The theme from Battlefield to Care is told in the words of recipients, covering battlefield injuries to coming home.
Visitors may sit at one of the six computer stations and access The Purple Heart Roll of Honor. Visitors may search for recipients, or choose to view the stories of our Featured recipients, which is a rotating selection outstanding stories from this database. The Roll of Honor is an ongoing work in progress. As we build the nation's first comprehensive database of Purple Heart recipients, we greatly appreciate your assistance in collecting accurate information on all whose names and stories should be remembered here.
Visit the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Gift Shop to find a selection of distinct selection of merchandise such as Hall of Honor Merchandise Ornaments, Mugs, Hats, Car Ribbons, Bookmarks, and more.
The Hall of Honor not only seeks to preserve the stories of Purple Heart recipients, but to educate visitors about the award and the recipients. The "Soldiers Across Time" educational program looks at the evolution of the Purple Heart through the changing nature of America's military history as seen through the common soldier, sailor and airman. Group participants will learn about soldier life and equipment as they also compare the stories of Purple Heart recipients from the Civil War to the current time.
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