Doodletown Publication Back By Popular Demand!
June 6, 2017
Doodletown was one of the last of inhabited “mountain towns” before becoming PIPC property and part of Bear Mountain State Park in the 1950’s. Author and former Doodletown resident, Elizabeth “Perk” Stalter, chronicled the town’s history in the original publication of Doodletown in 1996.

On Saturday, May 20th, the one and only Perk Stalter, came to Fort Montgomery State Historic Site for the unveiling of the updated edition of the book. This updated edition of Doodletown: Hiking Through History in a Vanished Hamlet on the Hudson, contains a few new photos and some error corrections. Perk signed books and shared Doodletown stories and photos with many interested local residents. Former Trailside Museums and Zoo director Jack Focht was on hand to celebrate the event and congratulate Perk. The book is dedicated to Jack, the original inspiration for the book's first edition in 1996. .

Almost 70 books were sold at the event proving that interest in the former mountain town turned Park is still alive and well. The book retails for $14.95 plus tax and can be purchased during business hours at: Fort Montgomery State Historic Site (845-446-2134), the Bear Mountain Inn (845-786-2731), the Palisades Parkway Visitor Center and Gift Shop (845-786-5003), the Reeves Meadow Visitor's Center (845-753-5122) and the NY-NJ Trail Conference (201-512-9348). Please call individual sites for more information.

In September, Perk Stalter hopes to doing a walking tour of Doodletown!

Details to follow accordingly.

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