Harriman State Park, NY
Park Information
If Bear Mountain is the flagship of the Palisades Interstate Park system, Harriman is its heart. Consider its scale: with more than 47,500 acres, it is PIPC's largest park. Consider its location, too: Harriman is bounded on the north by Bear Mountain State Park and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and on the south and east by Sterling Forest State Park. Finally, consider its history: the park bears the name of the Harriman family – Edward Henry, the railroad baron, his wife Mary, and their sons Averell, PIPC Commissioner and New York Governor and Roland, PIPC Commissioner – whose fortune contributed mightily to the early achievements of the Commission.

Over the years, several improvements have been added to foster recreation at Harriman: three sand beaches, wheelchair accessible fishing, cross-country skiing facilities, picnic areas, campgrounds, and a network of children's camps, to name a few. And yet, much of the park remains undeveloped and provides habitat for a rich variety of wildlife. Blessed with wooded hills and valleys, crystalline lakes and reservoirs – 31 of them! – scenic vistas and vantage points, Harriman is also a hikers' paradise. It boasts over 200 miles of trails, including segments of the Appalachian Trail and the Long Path.

For more information, please call (845) 947-2444.
Things To Do & See
Harriman State Park offers a wide array of things to do and see including: hundreds of miles of hiking trails, swimming beaches, picnic areas, a gift shop, the group camps, 4 nature study museums, sleeping cabins, fishing, boating, camping, snowmobiling, rock climbing, snow showing, cross country skiing, trail shelters, and more.
Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing
Harriman Park Group Camps
Sebago Cabins
Beaver Pond Campground
Visitor's Center
Anthony Wayne Recreation Area
Silvermine Picnic Area
Tiorati Workshop
Metal Detecting at Lake Welch
Pioneer Camping Lake Tiorati
Ice Skating in Harriman
Harriman supports more than 200 miles of hiking trails including biking trails, cross county ski trails, snow shoe trails, and rugged hiking trails. A large section of the Appalachian Trail crosses the park as does the Long Path. For detailed maps of the Harriman Park system, visit the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.

Suggested Hikes and Parking Lots.
Boating is available at a number of the park's lakes. In order to put in a boat, you must first obtain a sticker and key from the office at Lake Tiorati. For more information, call the park office.

Harriman Boating Information
There are multiple cross country skiing and snow shoeing trails in Harriman State Park. For more information about which trails are best for these activities, see the NY-NJ Trail Conference maps or call the park office.
Nestled within Harriman, primarily along the Park's lakes, are 32 group camping facilities. Begun in 1913, the camps are the model for the nation. The majority of the camps are managed by relief organizations in support of disadvantaged children in NYC and northern NJ, but some also support families. Restoring and renovating the camps are a major Conservancy priority. Please contact us if you'd like more information on how you can help.
The Sebago Cabins are available for rental by individuals and families. These rustic cabins are nestled into the woods at the western end of Harriman Park's biggest lake. They are a wonderful family experience in the woods.

Reserve a Cabin
Beaver Pond Campground is located on the eastern shore of Lake Welch. The campground is the only designated area for overnight camping in the park and offers tent platforms, water,bathrooms, and more rustic sleeping accommodations.

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Beaver Pond Rules and Regulations
Harriman has two visitor's centers, one near exit 17 on the Palisades Parkway, the other at Reeves Meadow. Both offer an array of books, maps, and gifts related to the park. Stop in on your next visit and take home a treasure from the park.
Harriman Park allows swimming in designated areas only. Those areas are located at Lake Welch and Tiorati beaches. Lifeguards are on duty in the summer months and both beaches also offer picnic areas for your family bar-b-q. Please call the park office for more information about beach and swimming hours - (845) 429-8257.
Named after General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, who led a successful midnight assault against the British garrison at Stony Point in 1776, the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area has greeted bikers, picnickers, and concert-goers for almost 50 years. When it opened, in June, 1955, the Area's central features were the pools and bathhouse, which proved so popular that their capacity had to be expanded from 1,800 to 3,600 only two years after opening. The following year the picnic and parking lots were expanded to accommodate an additional 5,000 people and 1,200 cars.

Starting in 2015, the Bear Mountain Oktoberfest has moved to Anthony Wayne to accommodate the large number of visitors! Each year, beginning the last weekend of September, Bear Mountain celebrates Oktoberfest with good food, good drink, good music, and local crafts. The Oktoberfest is managed by the Bear Mountain Inn. For more information please e-mail oktoberfest@visitbearmountain.com or call (845) 786-2731. We hope to see you there!
Fishing is permitted throughout Harriman State Park with a license from the DEC and, if you would like to fish from a boat, a PIPC permit. See the NYS DEC website for information about fishing.

Fishing Information Palisades Region
Silvermine Picnic Area, just five miles southwest of Bear Mountain was once a busy area for winter sports, including downhill skiing. The area was developed to create a parking lot that could hold 1,000 cars a 15-acre ski slope for beginners, a shelter and refreshment stand, comfort stations, and more. Unfortunately, winter sports at Silvermine could not support the facilities and, in time, they were closed.

Today at Lake Silvermine, fishing is permitted and boat launches are available to boaters with PIPC boat permits. Picnic areas with grills and tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Restroom facilities are available year-round. There is also a great wintertime sledding hill at Silvermine. Swimming is not permitted.
The Tiorati Workshop promotes science and environmental education in diverse and high-need urban schools. A collaborative venture of Bank Street College and the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, its goal is to help students develop science literacy and critical academic skills while fostering a love and appreciation for the natural environment. Workshop staffers and teachers integrate environmental science and concepts directly with the classroom curriculum; teachers lead children's explorations of natural environments throughout the year and across the curriculum, not just during stand-alone fieldtrips.

Tiorati Workshop
Metal detecting is available by permit only on beach areas at Lake Welch. The permit is valid during daylight hours for 1 year January 1st - December 31st, and there is no discount if the permit is purchased later in the year. Permit is not transferable and does not waive vehicle use fees. Metal Detecting(2018)
Located near Lake Tiorati in Harriman State Park, Cedar Pond and Tiorati Plateau are pioneer camping areas operated by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. Bona-fide organizations including scouts, churches, youth associations, etc. may use the facilities during the season BY RESERVATION ONLY. The camping season is from the third Friday in April until Columbus Day. Pioneer Camping Information Lake Tiorati
Ice skating is ALLOWED on Lake Tiorati and Silvermine Lake. Skaters must follow ice safety rules. Ice is only safe to go on when the park posts a GREEN sign/flag at the following locations - Tiorati: Flagpole in Tiorati circle.

Silvermine: Ice Safety Sign on Silvermine booth.

Ice Skating in Harriman
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